Thursday, September 4, 2008

I spent the whole day at the beach with my friend, Erik and was tossed around with the waves and jellyfish. The Rockaways make me feel like I’m on a deserted island complete with nudes and coppertoned skin. I had a great day and am so glad I finally made it to the beach just once this summer.

Erik with a naked man in the background. Now it’s back to work.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do you remember in the movie Clueless, “I think we checked them for the September 3rd conversations.” That movie is THIRTEEN years old. Dang. Sad.

My dad said recently, ” I was eighteen yesterday.”, with a completely stoic face. Maybe I am really starting to know what he means. I’m only twenty-five, but I have a voracious drive to make the most of all these days. I took these photographs like the most blatant voyeur in town a few days ago. Watching this man, I started to cry.

I felt sort of awful taking his photo without his knowing, but I couldn’t look away and constantly grab for my camera…

Speaking of aging, I saw Elegy on Saturday night. It stars Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz. I went in slightly begrudgingly because I had aimed to see the new Woody Allem movie, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, yet it was sold out. Even still, Elegy was perfect for my mood. It revolved around a middle-aged man who had lives his life void of any real attachments, never falling in love, and sleeping with scores of women. As he finds himself growing lust-filled and enamored with a young student of his, his age and thus his neuroses creep up on him. He and she start to woo one another, yet he is certain she will leave him at any time for a younger and more distant lover. I don’t want to ruin the plot, but I couldn’t help having a set of constantly watering eyes throughout the film. Not only was the content of the film moving, beautiful, and unnerving, so too was the cinematography. There was a constant flow of film stills I would easily put in frames on my wall. The movie struck a deep and vulnerable chord in me. Who doesn’t think of being alone til death does part? Well maybe not everyone, but I sure do. I find myself being scared of losing attachments I have made time and time again, but I suppose that is the err of life and love, the truancy of constant companionship beit friend or lover. I wholeheartedly suggest seeing the film and I look forward to seeing Vicky tomorrow with my pal, Hallie. (pallie hallie) I feel like I shorted this entry. I need to write more.

Saturday, August 30, 2008 ( a whole month later)

I share a huge warehouse space with ten other businesses here in Brooklyn. Our studio space had robbery about a month ago and we lost a lot of stuff. $30,000 worth of stuff was plundered (all the computers, music recording equipment, musical equipment, a camera, ….) I lost six months worth of photographs, documents, files, screenshots, website stuff on the computer I had been using, as well as a card full of photos on the camera I had here. SAD! But we are moving onward. Here is a list of the other friends who call this studio home. This is my first home, as opposed to my home away from home because I work around the clock and so these people are my family…

Rob Kalin (**superstar**)




Michael Neil Jacobsen


The Sweetest Pea



Moontree Letterpress

Teresa Federer

Tough Dumplin Studios

I am exciting for the UNVEILING of my FALL/WINTER LINE to be worn by the beautiful and multi-talented Anna Barie of THESE ARE POWERS. This launch will take place at the end of September. Until then, check this out…

My friends at Burdastyle.com celebrated their 100,000th member to join by having a bash in Brooklyn on Wednesday. With the DIY community’s finest, as well as DJ M.C. Collizhun and Antwan Duncan snapping pictures, we celebrated with some bubbly and some peppered dance moves. My other pals at Love Brigade, an international design house of the future, is having their Fashion Week show on September 5th in NYC. I am sooo excited to crash that blast. Mister Duncan will also be photographing that show. Check out my Flickr page for the latest in NYC high design and party time(s).

More to come tomorrow.

Friday, July 25, 2008

This is something I will share about myself. Of the music and songs I listen to every day, 70% of them are by Sigur Ros. I like to pretend that I live in a dreamscape sometimes.

Here’s a photograph of a dreamy new dress I made. I took the photo at 7:30am in the rain.

Sigur Ros resonates through it.


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