Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lots of exciting things have been happening and so I will be blogging left and right. So one of the pals I dressed for Siren Music Festival, who is a siren herself (Anna) was enblazoned into the html of STYLE.COM wearing the jumpsuit we designed and I made!! I squealed when I saw it and really couldn’t be happier with the photograph and the great press I have received thanks to the powerful musicians who have deemed themselves, These Are Powers.

They really rocked my socks on Saturday and while watching them perform, the hair on my legs stood up. I really appreciate music that doesn’t cut to the chase. I wrote this to Anna after first listening to her music….

“I am really into very lengthy, kind of tumultuous, transitory, somewhat ambient ,

“experimental” (for lack of a better more informed word), and kind of

grueling music that makes your ears wait and wait for a climax or lyric.

So much music these days is straight to the point lyrically, kind of

expedited, and then moved on to the next song. The words often start

just as soon as the instruments do, which is fine in a lot of cases, but

I appreciate a good and solid few minutes of drums and bass and what have

you, an overture of sorts. “

They really blew my mind and I know I have good taste and a knack for knowing what will get really popular and well-appreciated, and my premonition is that THESE ARE POWERS are the next big thing. Seriously, I have always worn thrift shop vintage, and eaten organically since I was fourteen and started sporting huge hoop earrings before anyone else and loved MIA when she was just a lil gal performing in small venues and started doing yoga when I was fourteen too, ha…. I know a good thing when I am introduced to it, and so I implore you to get tickets to the next THESE ARE POWERS show in your area and have yourself a listen. The band’s second to last song at the Saturday show exorcised bits of Missy Elliot and the electro course of action my ears and legs took, shook me into the widest smile I could muster. These people are talented. Here’s what the NEW YORK TIMES said about them in an article published on July 21st…

“Within Siren’s indie-rock parameters, there was ample variety: from the

torchy languor of Beach House’s ballads to the distorted, jittery garage-punk drive

of Times New Viking; from the 1980s and 1990s shoegazer nostalgia of Film School,

awash in guitar reverberation effects, to the sardonic artiness of These Are Powers,

who cranked up brittle drum-machine and guitar riffs and, at one point, used

coughing for vocals.”

I am honored to have had the privilege of collaborating on an outfit with Anna and having someone really let me have free reign in designing something to wear at such a big event. The bassist, Pat also wore a tshirt and I thank him too! I love THESE ARE POWERS AND here are some more photographs, as credited by their photographers…

Matt Tyson

Lyndsey Matthews

Taylor T-Sides.com

Sean Okane

Sean Okane

Matt Tyson

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vampire Weekend

Last weekend my friend, Asher Sarlin and I designed and printed some tshirts for the new Vampire Weekend video that was filmed on Wednesday, so stay tuned for something pretty funny. Dundundun!

ConeyIslandNYC &These Are Powers

played Siren Music Festival on July 19, 2008 and Desira Pesta designed a couture jumpsuit for Anna, the singer and guitarist to perform in. A red custom one-of-a kind jumpsuit and necklaces were made & Pat, the bassist rocked a Desira Pesta three color print tshirt!

The jumpsuit that took many months to manifest

Clever Tshirt in Pink

Anna being photographed for Style.com !!!!!

See more photos on my flickr page

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Holy Crappolie, I haven’t blogged in two weeks.

Today I was driving my friends car in Brooklyn and I saw a strange and bad sight seated next to me at a red light…. a young woman driving two kids in a sedan. She had on an ipod AND she was drawing in a sketchbook balanced on the wheel. WHAT AN ACCIDENT CANDIDATE!!!! Stupidddd!

I have fallen out of habit of writing because I have been terribly busy working and havent found anyone to help me **see blog entry below**. I am currently working on orders, as well as a super special exciting project for the band, These Are Powers. I am making some outfits for Anna, the singer, to wear at the Siren Music Festival this weekend, as well as things for tour. I’m excited and they’re coming out smashingly. She is going to look smashing. I will post pictures after I take them. Summer is fun, but I need to go to the beach pronto signori! This weekend or bust.

Lots of incredible new clothes are coming your way for both males and females and all those two words leave out. Beautiful vintage inspired prints and delicate lines. Tailoring and classicism are attended to… here’s a sneak…

More to come. xoxoxo


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