Sunday, June 8, 2008

HI. Today sweat was a constant companion. It was so freaking hot. I decided to bike into Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge and wore a romper like a three year old because it was the only thing I could stomach wearing in this sweltering liquid sky and ground I had to trample over. I went to see the David Byrne Building installation near Battery Park, which was kind of boring. I also think I had some residual anger from having to truck around all of the gaped-mouth tourists who continually block the bike lane of the bridge to take pictures of each other. So maybe I would have enjoyed it more had I not had to deal with them. There are two lanes — one for walking and one for biking and no one seems to allow the painted biking person symbol to keep them from nearly killing us bikers. Sorry, it’s just really annoying. For instance, imagine driving down your street only to have to continually dodge seeing eye dogs in your path, despite there being a seeing eye dog lane. The ride was wonderful though, it hurt so good. Being completely encased in your own sweat while exerting loads of energy dodging cars is pure bliss. I also got a strawberry sundae and then went and got a much needed massage. I was in a car accident last October and so for seven or so months, my neck and back muscles have been unbelievably tight. As the masseuse stood above me, laboring over my pugnacious back muscles, she said, “so so so tight”. I know, I know. It’s as if the muscles are attached to a rope, which is being pulled in the opposite direction by a little troll who is making his way to Miami and won’t let go of the rope.

I am so excited to get back into top physical form this summer. I usually fall out of it during the winter when I take to large doses of ice cream, wine, bowls of rice and the occasional hot chocolate. So far, so good, I can still do the ole spread eagle.

I saw Sex and the City last night. It was awesomeee. I love how that show and movie somehow successfully garnered a ridiculously eclectic audience full of women of all types. I must say, some would think I and other ladies who aren’t into labels and men and drinking 24/7 could love such a hyperbolic rendition of a NYC female crew, but I do, they do. It’s ridiculous and hilarious and cheesy and stupid and wonderful all the same. Entertainment in a guilty form. This was painted on the wall of the Court Street Theater where I saw the movie. YEAH WOODY. YOU’RE MY PAL EVEN THOUGH YOU MARRIED YOUR DAUGHTER, YOU POOPOO.

Lastly, a new top up on Etsy, which was a gift to one of my BFF’s , Amelia, for her graduation from architecture school after a grueling five years. That’s her there modeling. This blouse is called, In Rainbows.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mallory of interviewed me last week for AOL Living’s Styledash. Here’s my interview in living color….

I’m going to start working on my guns with my pal, Chanel of Junkprints. We’re going to start playing tennis at the local park. I haven’t played tennis in two years and before that five years. Last time I played doubles with tennis stars, Wes, and Stone and sat in the corner with my racket across the court because I was so frustrated with my performance. This summer is going to be different. I’m going to serve like no other. Volley unparalled. Back and forth the ball will go, impossible to see to the untrained eye. Grasping my racket with a purpose, I will get major biceps and a whole lotta gravy. what?

So here we are , almost summer. I hope this summer is good. I hope it kicks major AZZ.


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