Friday, May 23, 2008

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.:.These are Powers.:.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today I am dogsitting the dog pictured below two posts ago. It’s been fun, especially when it started raining while on a walk and she continually looked up at me with disgust and remorse for having allowed me to bring her outside. When we got to my studio, I was nearly knocked over by an airborn mass of chemicals. The kitchen floor was being stripped and it was seriously flooring. I often get woozy very quickly. I can’t even stand perfume, so when I found myself making a video of myself spinning around in a chair to music, as well as loosing the ability to speak without stuttering, I knew I had been bitten by a chemical high. Shit. I also decided I wanted to do the following experiment— to bring a scale into the supermarket across the street to weigh things. I would then in turn, compare my data with the scales provided at the supermarket to see if they were equivalent. My projected hypothesis is the supermarket scale is rigged. I wonder if I will get kicked out.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yesss. My hot friend, Alex, was photographed a few weeks ago by The Sartorialist for GQ. He will also be in June’s issue of GQ. Yesss.

Yeehaw. In other news, New York has turned into Seattle. I think that means Seattle has turned into NY, in turn. They deserve the nice weather. Last night I went to 8th Street Wine Cellar in the West Village with one of my BFFFFF’s, Lauren. It sucked. We got one of the cheapest glasses of wine, which one could say was fated to be subpar, but I do not think a wine bar should ever serve poor watery and tasteless piss for $8/glass simply because cheap = shit. Nope. I was pissed I didn’t spend a little more. Then again, again, that is not an invitation to give your diners and winers swill. I don’t think I will be going back, as it was also intolerably loud and I could hardly hear Laur-laur. In other news, my sister will be visiting me this Sunday and I am ecstatic. She’s been living in New Orleans and I haven’t seen her since Christmas. She just went on a service work trip to Jamaica and will be returning to my dismal New York with a Banana Boat commmercial tan no doubt. I do not get tan. My skin just gets less transparent. I am going to be outfitting quite a few people for weddings this summer. I’m psyched. I hope they don’t steal the show too much with their giant collars and long colaged belts. Brides might not dig that. Wee hoo.

Sunday, May 18, 2007

More than halfway through May ick. I am working on lots of stuff to be put online this week! Cheap too! I’m really excited for this summer. I hope it rules. Yesterday I went to the Sample Sale I was participating in at Love Brigade Co Op. I got a cool red sexy top by Farrahbell, a Japanese designer. Here are some pics from the sale, which is still going on right now, so RUN RUN RUN , my stuff is 75% off! Picture blog day.

Tara of Misery & Co.

A lot of my sale stuff with my Fela Sig Blouse in the window!!! & Layla of LEDTHREAD

I wouldn’t eat their catches.

Daisy, famed mixbreed of Red Hook bar parlance.

brunch the next morning with Shannon.


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