May 1, 2008

HAPPY MAY! Wowee it’s going to be warm soon and guess what that means? Body boarding!

Also wearing dresses and flip flops and getting a tan and drinking lemonade or chilled white wine with strawberries. (I don’t think I actually do any of those said things.) Maybe I’ll start.

So I have been thinking a lot. The economy is b-a-d. Therefore, things need to change. I am going to start making less expensive (i.e. more egalitarian) clothing and bags and art. Really, it should be about necessity and happiness, not lust or making for the sake of making. I don’t make for the sake of making, I really enjoy doing what I do and have all sorts of ideas for what I and other people would like to adorn their bodies with. Even so, I need to crack down and allow for lower prices for all. Making dresses that are two hundred dollas is a form of art for me. They take a lot of time and detailing and I am proud of their transcendant nature, yet very few in this world can actually press the “add to cart” button comfortably. So, with summer comes egalitarianism for anyone who supports or follows my work. Whatdya say! That also entails vintage, recycled, and upcycled materials, as per usual.

April 30, 2008

May is coming. AUGHHHH. I biked all around Northwest Brooklyn today to do some errands and my oh my is it nice out. I started making a ton of tote bags to stock Love Brigade CoOp with… Here’s me screenin’.

My friend Asher and I are working on a secret project for silkscreening in the near future and I’m extremely excited about it. This project has been dwelling in limbo since June 2007, so come on now, us! Good things are underway here at my studio and plans for new drawings and silkscreens are in the queue. I want to watch more movies. Wish I had timeeee. Tonight at Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan, there is a final showing of a Jonas Mekas film. For those who do not know, Jonas is yet another 1960’s prolific auteur who has been called “the godfather of Avant Garde cinema” hailing from Lithuania after WWII. He studied with Hans Richter, a multi-media-rich DADA artist. He was heavily influential in painting, drawing, and film during the DADA years and collaborated with a whole slew of the best of the best.

His credo — “the artist’s duty was to be actively political, opposing war and supporting the revolution”– dictated his work. Anyway, Jonas Mekas studied under him and went onto open the Archives, as I said. He worked with such names as Andy Warhol, Nico, Allen Ginsberg, Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Salvador Dalí, and George Maciunas. Yeah.

I had the great pleasure and good fortune of meeting him last year at a showing of a film starring Donovan, one of my favorite musicians. In addition to meeting Mr. Mekas, I met and drank wine with Donovan whose face and hair was made just slightly dusty by age. Jonas Mekas was a spry old man whose demeanor towards Donovan was so indicative of pure adoration, I feel voyeur to what looked to be the realization of an adolescent dream. The star was starstruck. Both of these people are nothing short of incredible. I hope that people living outside of NYC know of the Anthology Film Archives. It is a venue of the obscure and timelost and sometimes mediocre, yet influential. I have seen a few films I might have fallen asleep at if I hadn’t tried very hard to remain engaged with, yet the films are unabashedly offered as works of art, be them lackluster or dry. I am sorry to have missed seeing the films of Norman Mailer before his death. I am certain Mailer was present at the showing. I had tried to make a night of it for my old boyfriend, but we got inebriated and full of delicious Chinese on the upper West side and couldn’t make it down in time. Stupid.

Anyway, I ask that if you live in NYC or are visiting, you check out Archives on 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street and maybe you’ll get to meet Jonas Mekas too.

April 28, 2008

It’s been raining in New York all day. I made the mistake of wearing a wool hood and no socks out on my bike. P.S. my bike’s brakes are nil in the rain. I almost hit a car hahaaaa.


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