Kollaborating With Kollabora

So I have been involved with the great company Burdastyle since 2007, working for them & with them and am so proud of how huge the site has become. Check it out, if you haven’t already. Nora Abousteit, (one of the co-founders of Burdastyle, a woman of all trades, author, founder….), just c0-launched her newest creation, Kollabora . Propelling the DIY movement to a whole other level along with those who have also fostered it (Etsy, Threadbanger, etc.), wooooooo

“Kollabora is a social platform for DIYers, consisting of a craft supply marketplace and multiple maker communities linking to projects, supplies, and how-tos. Kollabora soft-launched sewing, knitting, and jewelry making communities with fashion-forward projects, and plan to expand into many more DIY communities, including home decor.”

They graciously send me a beautifully packaged and wrapped “Sewing Kit”, which came complete with a paper pattern in a variety of sizes, some fabric yardage, and a booklet of instructions.

They sent me some beautiful black and white dot cotton/silk blend fabric from Mood Fabrics. There wasn’t enough fabric to do the front and back in the dotted print, so I brought out some red raw silk and made the back and bias tape with it, respectively. I also used some black woven silk for the little bitty pocket and decided to do a lined pocket verses the suggested simple layer hemmed pocket.

The pattern was super easy to use and the instructions were super easy to follow.  I went with the Large size because I am 5’10” and it fits pretty well!  There was also an option to do a dress or tunic version, which I will try next time.  I think this is a great pattern for a nightgown! I will make hundreds.


**The inclusion of french seams, versus a regular seam.  French seams are very strong and I am happy that users can learn how to do them because they are rather easy. They are not only for more advanced garments either!

** Photos in the sewing guide, which are great for those who are visual learners

**nice thick pattern paper, great for re-use (tissue really falls apart after a while)

**It’s a fast project! If you’re an advanced seamstress, you can really whip this out fast and who doesn’t love that! If you are a beginner, you should have no trouble finishing this in a day.

** The wonderful thoughtful packaging

**How easy it was to upload photos to this site!

So, my top is a little 101 Dalmations or “What’s black and white and red all over?”, but I love b&w and red! Silk city, baby!

Thanks, Kollabora!

S/S 2013 Show // Photos Galore!

Little Blue (Military) Dress





A look inspired by Janis Joplin…and Aladdin

The Vest Alone… Red Velvet & Brass Studs

A Unique Draped Wedding Dress with wraparound waistline… 20 hours of work, man.

Zee Back Complete with Train

Shoulder Detail

Little Pink Peter Pan Collar Check Print Dress

Little Cutie

Far & Away 

Baby Got back

A Little Grace Kelly

A Little Closeup

Wraparound Waist

A Hendrix Inspired Buttondown with Embroidery/Studs (15 hours of work, man)


Closeup Baby

Back Attack

Con Te Partiro // SAMPLE SALE!

It’s time to say goodbye to some of my remaining design samples to make way for NEWBIES! With that, I give you a couple of designs that have definitely gotten some attention and now deserve a great new home…


Sybille Shapes Tunic (Click on photo for shop)

Tweed Wool Cutout Vest (click on photo to shop)

Astrid Skirt (click on photo to shop)

Men's Herringbone Sweater w/ Integral Scarf (click on photo to shop)

Little Gray Dress (click on photo to shop)

Three Color Drape Top (click on photo to shop)

Free-Fallin’ just came on shuffle.  What a nice day we had today.  75 degrees in NYC!! Global warming, man! I tried to play basketball, but all of the youths of the neighborhood invaded the courts. Oh well. Maybe when they’re off at school on Monday.

Any of these designs can be slightly altered to accommodate a size smaller, if need be.  Okay.  ;o) Time to get back to my taxes.


To see the whole sample sale, go here !

Hitting Multiple Birds

I haven’t had a day off in THREE WEEKS, but that isn’t stopping me.  I have eleven orders to make tonight and I have a big audition on Saturday, so I am making myself something sweet and new to wear.  I often start with an idea and then see where my fabric and sewing takes me, so I am starting with this idea:

A rough idea

Forgive the horrible drawing.  It’s going to have a Peter Pan collar (my fav), a peplum, high waist and sleevelessness.

I’ll post the finished product. Wish me luck.

xo Desira

February is Taking Over

Gah!! It’s February already.  Shite!


NEW Belty belts for the new month in my shop!


belt CINTURON ceinture CINTURA


New Belts! From ecofriendly materials!

I’ve been busy making new designs from all of the ecofriendly deadstock vintage elastic I have… Here there are, available for customization on Etsy… ;o)  HAPPY FRIDAY!

A New Look for One of My Most Popular

I Named This One After My Dog, Zoe

Some Newbies






reversible obis in highend designer cottons, wools, and organic bamboo denim…

Handmade obis by yours truly in very sturdy and flattering fabrics.  These belts are very versatile and fit waists 27-32″ for the same long tie look.

And Cool Guys Buy Them Too! (@ last year's Makerfaire)

The MY in Economy

I just realized something, I have been blaming myself and turning my anger about the shitty economy inward.  In the last two years or so since countless jobs have been lost and wallets have gotten beyond tight and open only for necessities, I’ve allowed this all to take a toll on my ego.  Etsy and private sales and wholesale accounts, which were my all-consuming sole source of income just two years ago when I had a magnificent studio overlooking the ocean in Red Hook, Brooklyn, have become a distant drone of crickets in the present.   Although I have branched out and focused my energies on acting as well in those two years, I also can’t help but point out that even a year ago, my studio was my constant companion.  While watching an interview on CNN about Occupy Wall Street, it dawned on me, I have been covertly hating and blaming myself for my decline in sales.  As an artist and fashion designer, when you sell your creations, you get a great sense of pride and self-worth from these sales.  In the last six years, I identified myself as a fashion designer and my clothing and accessories were my prides and joys.  They defined my income, brought me praise and appreciation and named who I was in the grand scheme of life.

Just like any job (in a good economy), there is a direct connection between profitability (in m case enough to pay bills) and ego. When that profit or sales is slight, the ego suffers.  I seriously have been beating myself up over the last year thinking no one likes my designs anymore or enough to buy them, yet when I look at the state of the economy, the trillion more sellers who now inundate Etsy’s pages/blogosphere, AND the number of people who call my designs favorites or the inquiries I get, I find that that’s just not true.  I swear, I just put two and two together.  I know that there are some other factors in here and I should spruce up my shop, but I hope that I can breathe a little easier today knowing that it isn’t me, we need to keep on trucking, supporting Occupy Wall Street, small businesses, independent designers, and each other.

Now is a good incubation period for my design ideas and I have been dreaming up a whole bunch of houseware ideas (my first love, decorating, has been calling out to me lately).  Thankfully I have been able to do a bunch of acting, freelance sewing gigs and restaurant work in the last year to supplement the gabillion dollars it takes to live in NYC.

I hope that things improve soon, but if they don’t, at least I know it’s not me.  It’s also not my friend R, who can’t find paid work, K, who is a brilliant geographer, but is working at a shop and who hasn’t even been getting rejection letters from potential employers, businesses that have been shuttered, nor is it any of us who are not on Wall Street or any place near it.