Pants Re-do

I bought these Talbot’s pants at a thrift shop a few months ago because I liked their odd fabric and thought I could turn them into something better.  They sat in my drawer for a while until this morning,when I decided to give them new life.  They fit poorly, wide in the hips and crotch; and then tapered into a strange high-water.  The bottom hem was a solid 1.25″, so I dropped that and also took the pants in about 2″ on each side overall. I meticulously pinned and sewed and re-pinned and sewed again to achieve a skinny pants look. The original fit was again, odd, so it took a lot of tweaking before I got them right.  I am happy with the results and look forward to doing more of my pants. :o) They went from a size 10 to about a 6.

Talbot's Size 10 Pants Before + After

Talbot’s Size 10 Pants Before + After

A Year in Furs

Call it winter blues, call it writer’s block, I have been been working less in the last month after the holidays than usual.  These moments of less activity kind of bum me out, but I think I am winding down from a crazypants year of hyper-activity! I have to remind myself what I have done because whenever I am feeling “lazy”, I mull over my past projects in my mind and go, “Oh!, right, I did that.”


That refers to my being cast as Ann Marie, Ashley Greene’s rival in the ABC pilot, Americana, using my own designs to portray a fashion designer. The pilot was sadly not picked up, but this was my first opportunity to be able to showcase my two loves, fashion and acting.

On Americana with my designs!

On Americana with my designs!


That refers to my first theater production with my old theater company, Homebrewed, back in April-May, which I served as stage manager & actor in.


That also refers to the completion of & performance of my first full length play, Crystal Atlas, at the end of May


That also refers to the completion of a one-act play, Yess, Texas, which I also made 9 costumes for (my Spring 2013 Collection) and performed with my new theater company as part of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend.




That also refers to the wood-nymph photoshoot I held with one of my best friends of said collection in the woods where I grew up.






That would also refer to the fact that I got cast as a featured wife of a warlord in one of my favorite director’s, Darren Aronofsky’s, newest film, Noah. I got to be a part of the amazing experience of this biblical times feature complete with mud, rain, and amazing sets galore.

Me on Noah

Me on Noah

 To be continued…

S/S 2013 Show // Photos Galore!

Little Blue (Military) Dress





A look inspired by Janis Joplin…and Aladdin

The Vest Alone… Red Velvet & Brass Studs

A Unique Draped Wedding Dress with wraparound waistline… 20 hours of work, man.

Zee Back Complete with Train

Shoulder Detail

Little Pink Peter Pan Collar Check Print Dress

Little Cutie

Far & Away 

Baby Got back

A Little Grace Kelly

A Little Closeup

Wraparound Waist

A Hendrix Inspired Buttondown with Embroidery/Studs (15 hours of work, man)


Closeup Baby

Back Attack


Pretty in Pink // Handmade one of a kind Picnic Dress

1970′s Purple Ruffle Dress

Royal Purple

Parisian Wrap Skirt // One of a Kind


Beautiful 1970′s Peplum Dress

and more in the shop



A Brooklyn Studio Apt. Before & After

I moved a little over a month ago into my own little studio and I have been carefully decorating it since. This past week, I did some furniture refurbushing and more decorating and then took some photos.  Here is it thus far. ;o)











A Before & After Project: I repainted this little shelf and then studded it with upholstery tacks.

Most of the furniture and frames has come from Pennsylvania antique stores and curb finds.

More photos of my bathroom and the rest of the studio coming soon. ;o)

xo Desira

Back to the Brothel



The indelible Brooke Hoover & I

20's Shoes

I worked regularly as a prostitute on season one of Boardwalk Empire with some amazingly beautiful and talented and sweet people and we were all summoned back to flank Al Capone on Season 3.  We returned to “Chicago”, had a blast, and can’t wait to see the episode.

My friend Lynn wrote this last night and she so beautifully synopsized how emotionally lovely our experience on Boardwalk Empire has been in the last two years.

Friday the 13th…”Boardwalk Empire”…I was “rescued” by my own job, my passion that equals my passion for animals…I had the luxury of working with a group of beautiful women, some of who I am close friends with, some of who I would like to know better…together we helped to knit the fabric within a story already written, and we had a lot of fun doing it…we all took vacations from ourselves and for a day became other women who did not have the complications of our own personal lives…the women we became have such a mysterious future, and we all secretly hope to find out what that is….it was a wonderful day and I feel blessed to have been able to take this picture of it…wow…I love my job….

I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing production.  On the topic of prostitutes, I am also playing one today in a Columbia MFA film.  haha.  Typecast much.

75 hour work week and I couldn’t be happier!

xoxoxo D

Beltie Belts & Ryan Gosling

I can’t stop my hands from moving and creating most days and here is the little of family of belts I have dreamed up.  A few more new designs are going to be joining them soon once I get to photographing. I don’t know why I am writing like an old Southern woman talks today, but it’s Friday, whateva.

A whole slew!

ALSOOOOOOO I’ve been working on this idea for a really long time and finally, in time for Valentine’s Day, Ryan G can be yours.

Yeah!!!!!!! I’m making nice V-day cards with this drawing today and they’ll be in my Etsy Shop by the weekend in time for sending out one or twelve to your Valentines.  xooxo

HAPPY FREAKING FRIDAY! (Where did the week go?????)


Home is Where the Baggage is

If you celebrate Christmas, it’s almost time.  Last week, some of my theater friends and I visited the professionally lit Christmas lights of the wealthy Brooklyn neighborhood, Dyker Heights. Blocks were ablaze and aflutter with gargantuan displays of larger-than-life Santas, nutcrackers, reindeer, carolers, and other fine blow-ups and statues. We frolicked to and fro each house’s display, each more ridiculous and more successful than the last. It was midnight, yet houses were still doubling their electrical bills by the minute, gleaming, glowing, shooting primary colored lights into the atmosphere.

If you’ve been to Brooklyn, you know that each section of it, or neighborhood, looks drastically different from the next.  They range from breathtaking and regal (Brooklyn Heights) to eclectic and seafaring (Red Hook) to dystopian and ramshackle (Bushwick), yet one thing seems to tie them and the rest of NYC property together, houses are small and tightly woven.  With that said, Dyker Heights is an exception.  Reminiscent of the suburbs where I grew up in Pennsylvania, houses span 3,000-4,000 sq. ft., they measure at least 2 stories tall and unlike almost every building in NYC, they are single family.

I’ve lived in NYC for the last six years and so my expectations for and requirements of my living situations have changed drastically since leaving my parents three story home with yard ten years ago. I no longer want to take the tudor mansion when playing the game of LIFE. What would I put in it’s cavernous walls? What would I do with all of those closets, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and multiple garages? I do not know.

LIFE! Who didn't love it.

I now crave the tiny intimate quarters of the bungalow offered, or even the hurricane hideaway. I no longer need three to four bathrooms nor a bedroom big enough to roller skate in with a walk-in closet (actually, I take that back, I will accept a walk-in in place of an office) Anyway, living in New York, as opposed to say, Texas, gives us a much greater appreciation for space and a much decreased need for a heck of a lot of it.

In Dyker Heights, or should I say, Metropolitan Mansion Heights, they sure have a lot [of space].  What would have seemed normal seeing ten years ago, I now was prompted to scream out things like, “Holy shit!”, “single family??!!”, or “whata-whata-whata is that!?” when driving by.

Big Ole Mess

Growing up, and unbeknownest to me because of the size of other local homes, my parents house was masssive. We had three floors to live on plus a basement and garage and yard and acres and acres of woods. With that, came a large collection and amassing of stuff.  We, like goldfish, grow within the confines of the space we have. I had chairs and tables I bought from antique stores, clothing, shoes, snowsuits, dance shoes, soccer/basketball/sporting good items, games, drawings, paintings, art supplies, sewing machines, fabric, many many blankets and bed linens for different seasons, tools, ephemera, dishes… stuff…extra stuff…and spare stuff… When I moved away for college and was presented with half of a normal sized room, which I had to share with another lass, I shed some excess baggage.  Over the years, I moved into a bigger dorm room, then a house with a massive bedroom, which I didn’t know what to do with. I pushed all of my furniture to the periphery, unsure of how to use the space.

The most life-altering move of all was studying abroad in Italy. I could only bring what would fit in a large suitcase and a backpacking pack.  Weeks before the trip, I packed. Over the remaining weeks, I would take everything out, reduce my load and pack again.  Right before the trip, I had done this ritual many more times, re-assessing how much I wanted to literally put on my back, weighing how much worth and need each item had. Ultimately, I had quite a small amount for going thousands of miles away and I thanked myself for my dedication to my back.  Every weekend my school had a trip for us, visiting various towns in Italy, some requiring an overnight stay. Each trip, I packed a tiny backpack with one change of clothing, toothbrush, and snacks, a very manageable amount.  I laughed at the girls, lugging GIANT suitcases on-board the bus for less than a twenty-four hour trip. How could they possibly need these?  For Fall break, I decided to go to England and Spain.  I also decided to test myself. I, for one whole week, allowed myself only a backpack. It was a breeze getting on and off the planes, as well as traveling by bus from the airport and then by subway or cab to the hostel or room. I could also hide my bag in the shared room that first night and store it safely in a locker during the day. From this travel all over Italy, as well as Spain & England and a one month stay on a farm in the very north of Italy in the Alps and back to the U.S., I realized that we don’t need a hell of a lot to live.

Back in New York state, I moved and moved and moved again and became more accustomed to living in both tiny places and big spaces interchangeably.  Needing to move at least once a year once in Brooklyn, I gained and lost and gained and gained stuff as each new home dictated it’s quota. At one point, while subletting, I had a room literally   5′ x 10′ and I didn’t bat an eye. I would have loved more legroom, but rent was cheap and my needs were small.

This past summer I stayed with my cousin in LA for two months. I had a hard time deciding how to present myself as a New Yorker in Southern California and like the Italy preparations, I dueled over what to go with. Ultimately, I brought a large suitcase and yet found myself wearing a lot of the same things over and over and over again.I shouldn’t even have brought as much as I had.

I’m not trying to pretend that I haven’t increased my load in recent years, especially because of my clothing business, but I have become more conscious of what is essential and what is not.  I still struggle with letting things go or with not buying things I like, yet I am much more brash when it’s purging time.  In the end, after all this moving and changing, I have realized that it isn’t my stuff that makes up who I am.  When we have less and limit ourselves, our needs diminish. Instead of filling every nook and crany of our blank spaces and square footage and consuming more and more of what this crazy world tells us we should have; we should focus on having the things that really count.

belt CINTURON ceinture CINTURA


New Belts! From ecofriendly materials!

I’ve been busy making new designs from all of the ecofriendly deadstock vintage elastic I have… Here there are, available for customization on Etsy… ;o)  HAPPY FRIDAY!

A New Look for One of My Most Popular

I Named This One After My Dog, Zoe